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(Direct Market edition)

Captain Britain

(Bookstore and Newsstand edition)

The beginning of the career of Alan Davis. All the stories which would be developped later in pages of series like Excalibur and Uncanny X-Men The New Age start with this book.

Omnibus book collects the 1981 relaunch of Captain Britain: lost inanother dimension, fighting Jasper, the Fury & attending to Merlin's funeral. These plots would serve as the ground of other comics set in UK, mostly Excalibur series mentionned further down.

Captain Britain character was created a few years earlier than this relaunch and the authors Davis & Moore learnt a lot about. The climax of the saga is between The Mighty World of Marvl #7-13.

HC w Chris Claremont, Dave Thorpe, Alan Moore, Jamie Delano, Alan Davis i Paul Neary, Mark Farmer. Collects Marvel Super-Heroes #377-388, The Daredevils #1-11, Mighty World of Marvel #7-16, Captain Britain #1-14, New Mutants Annual #2, Uncanny X-Men Annual #11.


The picture above is from the Bookstore and Newsstand edition, same content with the Direct Edition book.

Captain Britain

SC  w Dave Thorpe, Alan Moore. Collects Marvel Super-Heroes #387-388, The Daredevils #1-11, Mighty World of Marvel #7-16.

Miracleman Book 1: A Dream Of Flying

Originally the series was tiltled Marvelman. Garry Leach is author of the pencils chapters 1-6.

HC w Alan Moore Collects Warrior #4,6-11.

Miracleman Book 2: The Red King Syndrome

HC w Alan Moore Collects Warrior #13-16,18,20,21.

Harry 20 On the Highrock

SC B&W w Gerry Finlay-Day Collecting 2000 AD #287-307.

(2010 ed with sketches)

The Complete D.R. & Quinch

SC w Alan Moore Collects 2000 AD #317,350-359,363-367 and 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 1985.

Batman and the Outsiders

Although not reprinted yet, available digitally at and

The arc "The Truth About Looker" #28-31 in an underground city called Abyssia, is a good setting and a nice place to start the series or the comics altogether. 

First series for which Alan Davis worked for an american publisher, DC Comics.

Legends Of The Dark Knight: Alan Davis

HC w Mike W. Barr Collects Detective Comics #569-575, Batman: Full Circle Prestige format and a story from Batman: Gotham Knights #25.

Batman Year Two - Fear The Reaper

This book collects the issues penciled by Todd MacFarlane which were not included in the book above.

SC w Mike W. Barr i Paul Neary, Mark Farmer Collecting Detective Comics #575, Batman: Full Circle Prestige format.

Batman in the Eighties

SC w Mike W. Barr i Paul Neary Collecting Detective Comics #571.

Batman: Scarecrow Tales

SC w Mike W. Barr i Paul Neary Collecting Detective Comics #571.

X-Men: Old Soldiers

X-Men : Old Soldiers

During 15 years these characters have had a compelling develelopment and characterisation. The closure of most subplots running from so many years, in climax like Dark Phoenix Saga, was unprecedented. In comics the tendency is a contrario to start comics with great potential and never lasting long.

SC w Chris Claremont i Paul Neary Collects Uncanny X-Men #213, 215, Uncanny X-Men Annual #11, New Mutants Annuals #2-3

X-Men: Mutant Massacre

SC w Chris Claremont i Paul Neary Collects Uncanny X-Men #213.

a Excalibur is one of the main mutant series. Among the protogonists is Rachel, the host of the Phoenix Force, who struggles to escape enemies featured generally in X-Men series. She's the powerhouse of the group. Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde) is one of the most highlighted mutant character. Click on [ Notes ] to see the following books in the collection.
It can be wise to start this series when familiar with the mutant concept in which Shadowcat and Rachel, or even  Nightcrawler appeared in the 80ies. They appeared in Uncanny X-Men and were developped for more than 10 year by Claremont.

Excalibur vol.1 : The Sword is Drawn
SC w Chris Claremont i Paul Neary Collecting Excalibur Special Edition (The Sword is Drawn) Prestige format, Excalibur #1-5.
Excalibur Classics vol.2

Excalibur vol.2: The Two Edged Sword

The first story Inferno is appendant of four other comic titles, where N'astirh, the villain unveil his mischivous schemes, a xenogenesis.

SC w Chris Claremont i Paul Neary Collects Excalibur #6-11.

Excalibur vol.3: Cross-Time Caper Book 1

SC w Chris Claremont i Paul Neary Collects Excalibur #12-20.

Excalibur Visionaries vol.4: Cross-Time Caper Book 2

SC w Chris Claremont i Paul Neary Collects Excalibur #21-28.

Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis vol.1

The previous issues omitted are mostly dispansable, the issues #29-41, because this collection is following the main plots from the book above. 

 SC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects Excalibur #42-50.


Excalibur Visionaries : Alan Davis vol.2

 SC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects Excalibur #51-58.

Excalibur Visionaries : Alan Davis vol.3

SC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects Excalibur #59-67.

Wolverine by Larry Hama and Marc Silvestri [and Alan Davis]

SC w A Davis, Paul Neary i P Neary 280p jul 2013

The title of the book is misleading, it collects also Wolverine: Bloodlust Prestige format

Clandestine Classic


aThe ClanDestine is a family with different powers and the returning home to of the childrens to the father in the first arc narrative.
It's also fantastic window into the whole Marvel Universe, with a family having a  big age span and the youngest two serving as witness for the main story.

The members of the family have been living estranged lives from each-others during the past decades because their greatest fear has always be discovery. So they learned to move on before their slow aging became apparent. To ensure the discovery of one Destine did not betray all of them, they devised an elaborate series of counterfeit names and identities - the Relative Stranger protocol. With small touches Alan Davis builds a great depth to the characterisation, referencing obscure heroes to well known divinities with each protagonist.

HC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects ClanDestine v.1 #1-8, X-Men vs Clandestine #1,2 and Marvel Comics Presents # 158.


Gen 13: Ordinary Heroes

SC w i Mark Farmer Collects Gen 13: Bootleg #1,2

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse

A classic story of parallel dimension and mutants: X-Man (Nate Grey), Forge, Magnus, Morph (Kevin Sydney) and Mastermind.

SC w Terry Kavanagh i Mark Farmer & Robins Riggs Collects X-Man '96 Annual

Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer: The Complete Collection DVD-ROM

w Scott Lobdell i Mark Farmer Collects Fantastic Four vol.3 (1998) #1-3

3 comics not collected yet in TPB or HC in an english edition.

Justice League: The Nail

Justice League of America: The Nail

Gather the main male superheroes from DC, Wonder Woman and Hawkwoman.

SC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects the three Prestige format limited series.

Magneto: A Rogue Nation

SC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects X-Men: Magneto War one-shot, X-Men #85-87, and Uncanny X-Men #366-367.

X-Men: The Shattering

SC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects Uncanny X-Men #372-375, X-Men #92-95

X-Men vs Apocalypse: The Ages of Apocalypse

SC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects Uncanny X-Men #378, Annual 1999, X-Men #98.

X-Men vs Apocalypse: The Twelve

SC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects Uncanny X-Men 376-377, X-Men 96-97.

DC Comics Presents: Superboy's Legion

Story presenting teenage crime-fighter heroes.

SC w i Mark Farmer p Alan Davis Collects the two Elsworlds originally published in Prestige format.

Avengers by K. Busiek and G. Pérez Omnibus vol. 2 (upcoming nov 2015)

HC 1248p 125$ w Kurt Busiek i Mark Farmer Collects Avengers #38-43.

a Avengers Assemble vol. 4

SC w Kurt Busiek i Mark Farmer Collects Avengers #38-43.

a Avengers: Above and Beyond

SC w Kurt Busiek i Mark Farmer Collects Avengers: #36-40, #56.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

a Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

SC w Kurt Busiek i Mark Farmer Collects Avengers #41-43.

a Avengers Assemble vol.5

This book collects one more story by another penciler than the book above. It is not the same collection as Avengers Assemble vol.4 further up, but in the same collection as the book below.

oversized HC w Kurt Busiek i Mark Farmer Collects Avengers #41-43.

a Avengers Assemble vol.5

oversized HC w Kurt Busiek i Mark Farmer Collects Avengers #38-40.


Davis returned to the short format of 8 pages of comics of his debuts in UK magazines and reprised a character from the 70s. Killraven and some other prisonners escaped an arena where the people abducted there were used as fighting gladiators.  Fantasy is  curiously not so used in comics though popular in books, cartoons. So this book is a nice attempt to mix various genres of comics like fantasy and science fiction, and give fast-paced adventures.

The first issue and the last are full of interesting action and the in-between contains some flash backs and dream sequences. In the 70s there was a whole sub-genre of post-Armageddon science fiction. DC had Kamandi, Starfire, Hercules Unbound and Marvel had John Carter of Mars, and Killraven in the pages of Amazing Adventures (originally under the title War of the Worlds).

HC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects the 6-part limited series.


Thor: Gods On Earth

SC w Dan Jurgens, Mike Grell, Geoff Johns i Robin Riggs, Mark Farmer Collects Thor #58, Iron Man #64, Avengers #63.

Justice League: Another Nail

Justice League: Another Nail

Following of the book above.

SC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects the three Prestige format limited series.


Uncanny X-Men : The New Age

The End of History

Traditionnally, the X-Men were teenagers learning to use their powers but here they are a police force of sorts sanctionned by international authorities.

The evolution of characters like Psylocke, is nice though it's a common trait with the authors. Psylocke joined the team in Uncanny X-Men #213, being resurrected, Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey) a young mutant with psi-powers introduced in Days of Future Past TP, then developped in Uncanny X-Men #184 and Excalibur. Lately she has dealt with Wolverine, settled her problems with him. Wolverine and Storm are a staple of Claremont and of the mutant series generally. Among the other characters are Sage, a character developped in X-Treme X-Men, Cannonball, developped in New Mutants.

SC w Chris Claremont i Mark Farmer Collects Uncanny X-Men #444-449.

Uncanny X-Men : The Cruelest Cut

SC w Chris Claremont i Mark Farmer Collecting Uncanny X-Men #450-454.

Uncanny X-Men : On Ice

SC w Chris Claremont i Mark Farmer Collecting Uncanny X-Men #455-461.

Fantastic Four: The End

Most of the comics artists precusors of Alan Davis worked on this title, refining the superheroes, adding concepts of SF, magic characters, horror, history. This story is an homage to their creativity.

HC & SC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects the 6-part limited series.

Clandestine: Blood Relatives

The story is following ClanDestine Classic book seen above.

The 1rst story opening the book gives a nice insight on all the series.

There is a Crossover with Excalibur series.

Some sequences are very ominous ton what will happen in the rest of the series

HC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects ClanDestine v.2 #1-5.

Thor: Wolves of the North

HC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects Thor: The Truth Of History.

X-Men: Nation X

HC & SC w Matt Fraction i Mark Farmer Collects Dark Reign The List X-Men.

The List

The reprint of the issue penciled by Alan Davis is the same as the book above. The issues by other artists are different from book to book.

oversized HC & SC w Matt Fraction i Mark Farmer Collecting Dark Reign The List X-Men.

Avengers Prime

Following the Siege arc.

HC & SC w Brian Michael Bendis i Mark Farmer Collects Avengers Prime #1-5.

Avengers: The Children's Crusade

Oversized HC w Alan Heinberg HC Collects Avengers: The Children's Crusade - Young Avengers #1.

X-Men Schism

TP w Jason Aaron i Mark Farmer Collects X-Men Schism #4.

X-Men Schism

The same content as the book above but in HC format.

Captain America vol 2

HC w Ed Brubaker i Mark Farmer Collects Captain America vol.6 #6-10.


Marvel Tales by Alan Davis

Third book in The ClanDestine series. This is the climax of the book with a battle in which met the Destine and Doctor Strange in the American Museum of Natural History.

SC w Alan Davis i M Farmer Collects Thor: Truth of History, Fantactic Four Annual # 33, Dardevil Annual #1 (2012) and Wolverine Annual #1 (2012).

The last story from this volume is very reader-friendly. It is about a time-travelling Thor in Ancient Egypt.

Young Avengers Presents

Spotlighting one member of the team, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop).

SC w Matt Franction i Mark Farmer Collects Young Avengers Presents #6.

The Mighty Thor: Everything Burns

Crossover between The Mighty Thor and Journey into Mystery.

HC w Matt Fraction, Kieron Gillen i Mark Farmer Collects The Mighty Thor #18-21.

Wolverine: Hunting Season

SC w Paul Cornell i Mark Farmer Collects Wolverine #1-6.

Wolverine: Killable

SC w Paul Cornell i Mark Farmer Collects Wolverine #7-13.

Savage Hulk vol. 1: The Man Within

Following a story from X-Men# 66 featuring The Hulk.

SC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects Savage Hulk #1-4 and X-Men 66.


SHIELD vol. 1: Perfect Bullets

SC w Mark Waid i Mark Farmer Collects SHIELD #1-6.

Avengers: Ultron Forever

The 90-page "Ultron Forever" story, aims to introduce casual readers to the robot Ultron here setted in a story in the 25th Century. Machines have inherited the Earth, with Ultron as their All-Father. Mankind's only hope will be a time-torn team in the tradition of AVENGERS FOREVER! An early Hulk, Jim Rhodes as Iron Man and a Hela-cursed battle-armor Thor are plucked from the past. The unlikely duo of Vision and Black Widow are drawn from our present. And from the near and not-so-near future, the new Thor and an even newer Captain America, with her own heroic legacy to live up to! 

HC w Al Ewing i Mark Farmer Collects Avengers: Ultron Forever 1, New Avengers: Ultron Forever 1, Uncanny Avengers: Ultron Forever 1, Incredible Hulk #6, Iron Man #188 and Thor #378.

Captain America & the Mighty Avengers vol.2 Last Days

SC w Al Ewing i Mark Farmer Collects Captain Britain & the Mighty Defenders #1-2.

Short stories

Star Wars Omnibus Wild Space vol. 1

SC w Steve Moore, Alan Moore Collects Star Wars #153,156.

(2010 ed wiith sketches)

The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks

6p story.

SC w Alan Moore Collects 2000 AD #322 "The Hyperhistoric Headbang".

The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks

The same as the book above

Tharg's Future Shocks

Paperback novel-size collection in 2011, reprinting one of the 2 short stories collected from 2000AD which I haven't been able to trace down. Either 'The Hyperhistoric Headbang' or 'I's a mad, mad, mad world'. Wiki

Judge Dredd: Mega-City Masters vol.1 

SC B&W w John Wagner i M Farmer Collects a story from 2000 AD# 585  'Judge Dredd: Bat Mugger'.

Vampirella Visionaries

w Christopher Priest i Mark Farmer Collects Vampirella Monthly #19.

Stan Lee Meets

Celebrating the 65th anniversary since Lee began his work for Marvel.

HC w Stan Lee i Mark Farmer Collects 'Stan Lee Meets Dr Strange' tale.

Astonishing X-Men vol.5: Ghost Box

8 pages story

HC w Warren Ellis i Mark Farmer Collects Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes #1

Avengers: We Are The Avengers

3 pages story

SC w Alan Davis i Mark Farmer Collects I Am An Avenger #5.

Other material reprinted at large in the books further up:
w A Moore w A Moore w Davis & Neary i Neary  
Full Circle
w J Delano & Davis w M Barr w Davis w M Barr
w Claremont w Claremont w M Farmer w D Jurgens i R Riggs M Collins M Farmer

Maze Agency Spider-Man Official Movie Adaptation Sovereign Seven
w M Barr w Stan Lee w Claremont

Other DVD and books of interest

40 Years Of The Avengers DVD-ROM : From Graphic Imaging Technologies. Celebrating 40 years of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, this DVD-ROM set collects over 535 complete Avengers comics spanning September 1963 through December 2005.

DVD X-MEN Archives++ X-Men Archives DVD-ROM w Claremont Davis i Neary, Farmer The 3rd DVD collects Excalibur run

a Avengers: Standoff

HC w Geoff Johns, Dan Jurgens, Mike Grell  i Mark Farmer, Robin Riggs Collects Avengers #63, Thor #58 and Iron Man #64.

Avengers: The Complete Collection by Geoff Johns - Vol. 1

SC  w Geoff Johns, Dan Jurgens & Mike Grell p Gary Frank, A Davis & Ivan Reis. Collects Avengers (1998) 57-63, Vision (2002) 1-4, Thor (1998) 58, Iron Man (1998) 64.

X-Men: Mutant Massacre SC w C Claremont (2001) Collects Uncanny X-Men #213

Uncanny X-Men: The Complete Collection by Matt Fraction - Volume 2 by Matt Fraction (2013) Collects Dark Reign: The List-X-Men

X-Men: Nation X oversized HC w M Fraction p Greg Land, Terry Dodson, A Davis & others

X-Men: The Shattering SC 288 p. 35 $, jul 2009 Collects Uncanny X-Men #372-375, X-Men #93-94, featuring Mytique & Rogue.

House Of M: Spider-Man, Fantastic Four & X-Men HC 344p by M Waid , Tom Peyer, F Nicieza, John Layman, Reginald Hudlin, C Claremont, p S Larroca, T Grummett , S Eaton, Trevor Hairsine, A Davis, C Bachalo. Collects Spider-Man: House of M #1-5, New Thunderbolts #11, Fantastic Four: House of M #1-3, Black Panther #7, and UXM #462-465. 40$ jan 2010

X-Men: Inferno Crossovers HC 608 p 75$ Collects Power Pack (1984) #40 & #42-44, Avengers (1963) #298-300, Fantastic Four (1961) #322-324, Amazing Spider-Man (1962) #311-313, Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #146-148, Web Of Spider-Man #47-48, Daredevil (1964) #262-263 & #265, Excalibur (1988) #6-7, Cloak & Dagger (1988) #4. apr 2010

X-Men: Powerless SC w T Kavanagh, J Harris, E Larsen, J Pruett, A Davis p T Raney, B Booth, S Harris, G Nolan, J Santacruz, M Ryan. Collects Uuncanny X-Men #379-380, Cable (1993) #78, X-Force (1991) #101, Wolverine (1988) #149, and X-Men (1991) #99.
jul 2010, 17$

X-Men: We Are The X-Men SC Collects X-Men (1963) #1 & #129 (Kirby, Byrne), Giant-Size X-Men #1 (Cockrum), UX-MEN #171 (W Simonson), #200 (J Romita JR.), #213 (A Davis), #267 & #287 (J Lee), New X-Men (2001) #116 (Quietly) and Free Comic Book Day: X-Men 2008 (w Carey p G Land) 25$ jul 2010

New Mutants Classic Vol.6 SC 424 p aug 2011 30$w C Claremont , p J Guice, A Adams and Davis on New Mutants Ann #2

Impossible Man SC w Lee, R Thomas , C Claremont, Mark Gruenwald p J Kirby, G Perez, Ron Lim, A Davis. Collects New Mutants Ann #3 35$ 360p jul 2011S

Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis: Heroic Age HC  dec 2011 - 448 P ..40$ Collects Avengers (2010) #1-6, Avengers Prime #1-5 And New Avengers (2010) #1-6 by w Bendis p  J Romita Jr, A Davis & S Immonen

X-Man: dance with the devil SC w T Kavanagh, Defalco &  Macchio p S Skroce, R Cruz, Manny Clark, Casey Jones, P Ferry, Terry Dodson, A Davis Collects X-Man #20-29 and Ann '96, and Amazing Spider-Man #420.
344 p. 40$ nov2012 

Hawkeye Volume 1 Oversized HC w Matt Fraction, p David Aja, Javier Pulido und Francesco Francavilla Collects Young Avengers Presents #6 (Nov 2013)

Journey Into Mystery By Kieron Gillen: The Complete Collection Vol. 2 SC Collects Exiled #1, New Mutants (2009) #42-43, Journey Into Mystery (1952) #637-645, And The Mighty Thor #18-22 And Annual #1. (aug 2014) $34.99

Batman: A Celebration Of 75 Years HC Collects Detective Comics #27, 83, 211, 216, 327, 359, 395, 442, 474, 574, 633, 711, 757 And 821, Batman #1, 49, 181, 497, Batman #2 (the New 52), World's Finest Comics #94, Dc Special Series #21 And Batman Special #1!
384 P., $39.99, In Stores On July 16 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past SC w Chris Claremont, Walter Simonson, Louise Simonson, John Byrne, Alan Davis (18 mars 2014) Collects Excalibur #52, 66-67

Captain America: The Trial of Captain America Omnibus w Ed Brubaker Collects: Captain America: Who Will Wield The Shield? 1; Captain America (2005) 602-610; Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier 1-4; Captain America (2005) 611-619, 615.1; Captain America (2011) 1-10 - dec 2014 - 80 $

X-Men: Road to Onslaught vol.2 a 440-page TPB features X-Men/ClanDestine Cossover - jun 2014

Deathlok: Rage Against the Machine TPB Feb, 2015 Collects: Cable (1993) 59-62, Uncanny X-Men (1963) 371, X-Men (1991) 91, X-Men Annual '99, Deathlok (1999) 1-11, material from Cable (1993) 58

Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Vol. 3 oversized HC
Collects Star Wars (1977) #79-107 and Annual #3, and Return of the Jedi #1-4 - plus material from Pizzazz #1-16; Star Wars Weekly (UK) #60, #94-99 and #104-115; Empire Stikes Back Monthly (UK) #149, #151 and #153-157; and Star Wars Monthly (UK) #159.
1136 p./ $125.00 june 2015

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